Where Can You Get Burritos in Augusta, ME?

Our local restaurant serves a variety of Mexican dishes

What are you hungry for right now? If you answered tacos or burritos, come on in to El Agave's Mexican Restaurant in Augusta, ME. Locals just can't get enough of our delicious tacos and chimichangas.

Our menu includes four different burrito and enchilada meal options. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for on the menu, don't worry. You can customize your order to include the meats and toppings you want. Bring your friends in tonight for a tasty meal or stop by to pick up a takeout order.

Serving fresh, homemade Mexican dishes

What makes our enchiladas, tacos and burritos so special? Our cooks prepare every ingredient by hand, right here in our kitchen. You’re sure to love our homemade:

  • Red sauce
  • Green sauce
  • Spicy sauce

Our cooks also hand-season and prepare our meats to ensure that our dishes are flavorful and fresh. Visit us today to enjoy authentic, homemade enchiladas and chimichangas.